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Alternative Gift List

  • £20.00 will pay for a bereaved child to have a fun day out with a counsellor and other bereaved children, encouraging them to have fun and laugh again.
  • £25.00 will provide a relaxing Complementary Therapy session for a patient.
  • £50.00 will pay for a Lymphoedema patient to have a massage session, reducing pain caused by swollen limbs.
  • £80.00 will buy a pager for our ward nurses to wear so they are always contactable by patients.
  • £128.00 will pay for a Homecare Nurse to visit a patient in their own homes.
  • £155.00 will pay for a patient to visit our Day Unit.
  • £173.00 will pay for a night sitter nurse to stay overnight in a patients home to support the family.
  • £663.00 covers the cost of a 24 hour stay in our In-patient Unit
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